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Blasé. My fifty cents on the 21 century existencilism

Blasé interdisciplinary project wishes to explores representation of identities, behaviors & style in the arts and society in the 21st Century, through out a series of acts taking on the codes of fashion and media.

for the full article read here

I've have created a series of artworks:

Blasé-unimpressed and still existing. Photo series, mixed media installation & participative performance

Blasé- we try to hard to feel. Participative performance & Capsule collection

Blasé- there is nothing special about the evolution of nature,solar system & humankind. Mixed media installation

Blasé- when did we stop feeling. Video work

Blasé- WE1.2.3 . Still life photography

Together with Mr Luca .Marchetti, a fashion researcher based in Paris we collaborated on two publications :

Blasé 01. Thoughts & Looks- Reflections on identity

Blasé 02. Thoughts & Looks- Perceptions of style

As well Fashion curation seminar head by Mr.Marchetti & Hadas zucker as invited speaker .

The Blasé project is the topic for Master Fashion Culture and Management seminar

in University of Bologna for fashion cutting.

The seminar explores the curation of fashion exhibitions from both a theoretical and an applied angle, devoted to the understanding of fashion curating in regards with its theoretical background, its trans-disciplinary nature up to its relationships with art and brands.

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