JDW Presents - CLUB ALL - Hyperreality & Maximalism in Modern China - This year Hanson House is hosting a Shanghai night club, straight from the heart of the Chinese sub-culture ~ a country where culture and expression are a fascinating and elusive concept. The western capitalist idea of “Bigger, faster, and stronger” adopted by communist China was internalized and taken to the extreme. In the past four decades, China has been able to recover from extreme poverty and cultural differentiation and become a leading nation filled with ambition and energy crafting the future of our planet. The exhibition “Club All”, is an attempt to launch the viewer into the future, as it is forming in modern-day China - Consumer culture, accelerated urbanism, and technological advancements. The artists in this project express the life in the void between nation and individual. Showing the signs of modern-day disconnection and over stimulation which form the personal reality of today.

Curator- Hadas Zucker 

Artists- Tianzhuo Chen/Asian Dope Boys, Wang Zhijun, Hyperbation, Blasé Project

Organizing partner- Mab society, Bank Gallery Shanghai

Location- Hansen House, Jerusalem, Israel 


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